Coating Division

Manager / Support Team

Andrew Peters


Candace Unland

Coating Division Description

žThe coating division is responsible for inspection pertaining to the following:

  • —Coating and linings applied to tanks, vessels, OCTG, valves and fittings, line pipe and bends in the field and shop.
  • —Premium threading connections.
  • —Traceability and tracking including material test report review.
  • —Slotted pipe inspection.
  • —Other jobs as required by the customer – just call and ask!


žCoating Division – Why Inspection?

The need for services such as ours has been determined by costly failures in the field or by construction or drilling in critical environmentally sensitive areas.

  • —Environmental problems caused by failures are now a major concern to all of our clients.
  • —Poor workmanship, inadequate specifications and inexperienced personnel generally cause failures.
  • —Some problems caused by poor plant quality control will take years to appear. It then becomes difficult to recover losses due to premature failures.

žMany of our clients have now established inspection programs to eliminate costly failures and to maximize product quality increasing the life of the product.

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