Pipe Division

Manager / Support Team

Brad Metcalfe



Lynne Whitton


Pipe Division Description

žThe pipe division is responsible for inspection pertaining to the following:

  • —Mill inspection (Q.A.) of line pipe including UT, Weld, Bench, Finishing, and Loading.
  • —Inspection is offered on all stages of the process in the mill and our presence can be tailored to meet our customer’s needs ranging from audit to resident inspection.
  • —Loading and receiving inspection.
  • —Other jobs as required by the customer – just call and ask!

žPipe Division – Why Inspection?

The cost of inspection becomes negligible once a failure has occurred.

  • —For example – an effective line pipe inspection package can cost from $0.25 to $0.50 per meter. This inspection cost is probably recovered just by reducing field construction costs ensuring that the obvious problems are corrected before leaving the manufacturing facility.

Pipe Division Gallery