Pipe Division

Manager / Support Team

Adam Cosley



Pipe Division Description


žThe pipe division is responsible for inspection pertaining to the following:

  • Mill inspection (Q.A.) of line pipe including: NDT, Hydro Testing, Welding inspection, Traceability, Lab (mechanical) testing, Bench (visual inspection), Finishing (Pipe Coating, MTR Review), and Loading/Receiving inspection.
  • Raw material inspection through the whole manufacturing process including final inspection and pipe coating, we are here to assist our customers in assuring the right product for the application.
  • Pipe and Coating mill Surveillance assures our clients that the pipe or steel being produced and coating applications are all in compliance with the required specifications, codes or standards.
  • Use of our own tracking systems and the mill’s internal system to track activities, including the tracking of any non-conformities, and pipe pass/fail criteria throughout the essential mill stations according to specification.
  • Vendor audits of quality control systems to ensure that the vendor’s work is in compliance with their quality control manuals
  • Other jobs as required by the customer – just call and ask!
  • 1-866-986-0853


The cost of inspection becomes negligible once a failure has occurred.

  • For example – an effective line pipe inspection package can cost from $0.25 to $0.50 per meter. This inspection cost is probably recovered just by reducing field construction costs ensuring that the obvious problems are corrected before leaving the manufacturing facility.

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