Management / Office Staff

Our Office Team

President of PRO TPI Inc

James Milner


  • Responsible for company wide operation and management.
  • Business analysis, human resources, and accounting.
  • Contract review and company performance monitoring.
  • 20 years industry and management experience.

Kevin Radke

Integrity and Compliance Manager

  • Responsible for Client Support.
  • Technical Support for Coating and Pipe Divisions.
  • Primary Service Information Liaison.
  • Internal Process Compliance Monitoring.
  • New Services Research and Development.
  • 38 years industry experience.

Brian Banack

Quality Manager / Pipe Division Technical Advisor

  • Responsible for quality management system, training program development, customized inspection services / reporting.
  • Technical Advisor to Pipe Division.
  • 39 years industry experience in QA/QC of pipe manufacturing, pipe coating, pipe bending, fittings, flanges, mechanical testing.
  • Expertise in ISO 9001 quality management system development, implementation and management.
  • ISO 9001 certified auditor.
  • Experience in visual/dimensional, welding, UT, RT, MPI, LPI inspections of ERW, DSAW, SMLS pipe, steel fittings, flanges, bends, mechanical testing and metallographic examination.
  • Experience with CSA, API, ISO, ASME, NACE, AAR, SSPC standards, recommended practices and ASTM test methods specific to steel pipe, fitting, flange, bend manufacturing, coating, transportation and testing.

Brad Metcalfe

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

  • Responsible for Pipe Division Management including human resources, project management.
  • Primary Pipe Division Client Liaison.
  • RFI / RFQ preparation and submission.
  • 11 years industry experience.

Tyler Wade

Manager Coating Division

  • Responsible for Coating Division Management including sourcing inspectors and sub-contractors, human resources, and quality management.
  • Primary Coating Division Client Liaison. Document review at project start-up and creation of Inspection & Test Plans.
  • Provides inspection Cost Estimates for individual projects.
  • 5 years industry experience. Certified NACE Level II inspector.

Adam Cosley

Manager Pipe Division

  • Responsible for Pipe Division Management including sourcing inspectors and sub-contractors, human resources, and quality management.
  • Primary Pipe Division Client Liaison. Communicates quality issues to the client.
  • Implementing internal training programs.
  • 8 years industry experience. Manufacturing Engineering Technologist, Certified Welding Inspector: CWB, AWS CWI, Certified NACE Level I inspector.

Barry Steffen


  • Performs contract review and company performance monitoring.
  • Technical / Legal Advisor for management team.
  • 43 years industry experience.

Candace Kibler

Coating Division Coordinator

  • Directing and coordinating project work from initiation to completion.
  • Scheduling, reporting, invoicing, estimating.
  • Liaise with project managers and customers throughout their project.
  • 11 years industry experience.

Karmin Ricketson

Safety Officer

  • Manage and maintains all aspects of Pro Inspection COR certified Safety Program
  • Assist Both divisions with Daily Duties.
  • Assist with Report Review and Issuing.
  • Assist with Invoice Creation and Issuing.
  • 2 years industry experience.

Sherri Strilchuk

Data Analyst / Document Control

  • Analyse mill documents
  • Enter and maintain master record for jobs
  • Organize job specific records
  • Complete required reports
  • Work in both pipe and coating mills when required
  • Loading Inspection
  • Pipe Traceability
  • Data Verification
  • Computer training
  • Mill data tracking computer programs and troubleshoot
  • Work with Project Managers
  • Design and Print out required floor documents
  • Manage on-site safety documents and filing
  • Mill Clerk
  • Prepare final data packages
  • Quality Control
  • 37 years industry experience

Patty Willock


  • Accounting Software – Training and Consulting (Certified QuickBooks Adviser on staff)
  • Financial Statement Preparation – Monthly, Quarterly or Semi-annual
  • Payables receipt and disbursement coding and posting
  • Receivables, billing, and collections
  • Payroll – preparation and reporting
  • 25 years Industry Experience